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Risa UKETE432BL Black Solid Body Tenor Ukulele w/ PU

$579.99 / Coming Soon

Risa UKETE432BL Solid Body Tenor Ukulele w/ PU
Made in Europe

Yes, it's real! Tele styled steel string tenor ukulele that sounds as good as it looks!
Incredible attention to detail in build and finish Risa does it right. We really are blown away by the sound and playability of the Risa TE series.
Awesome pickups made by Risa are handbuilt single coil and Humbucker really make these ukes sing out!

Limited availability as these are a small production.

Scale: Tenor 432 mm
Tuning: GCEA(low-G)
Surface: High gloss lacquer
Body: Solid wood Alder
Neck: Full-grain maple with adjustable neck
Fingerboard: Maple
Pickup: 2 hand-built RISA pickups (1x Humbucker, 1 x Single-coil)
Electronics: 3-way switch for pickup (neck, both, bridge) and volume/tone controls with aluminum buttons
Tuners: Quality closed geared w/
Bag: included
2 Strap Buttons Installed
*UKE Republic includes setup to ensure optimal sound and playability
**Add upgraded injection molded black Risa hard case at the drop-down menu