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Ukulele Setup

Ukulele Setup - Always included with every instrument!

Every instrument that comes into port at the UKE Republic is  thoroughly inspected and setup for optimal playability & tone (that's right always included, free of charge!).  
Here at UKE Republic, we have chosen to carry the best quality brands of ukuleles but sometimes imperfections can happen, also environmental conditions while the cargo is in transit can cause the need to make adjustments.  

UKE Republic's setups include:

  • Intonation check - adjustments made if necessary - frets leveled & crowned
  • Action check - set action at nut and saddle (the right amount of string height from the top of the frets) if necessary for optimal tone & playability
  • Finish & dress frets
  • Condition fingerboards & bridges
  • Change & upgrade strings as necessary - some instruments come to us with inferior quality strings, we replace these for optimized sound. We also change out strings that have been damaged during transit. 
  • Clean & hydrate instrument 
  • Tighten tuners