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Woodi USA Plastic Body Soprano Ukuleles

$49.99 / Coming Soon

A true Go-Anywhere ukulele! For some time now we've had request for a decent playing all plastic ukulele that is affordable and looked good. Finally we've found something that we feel meets that description. The ukuleles are colorful and unique. The plastic is study and substantial.It even has a zero fret.
So go ahead and take this little soprano to the beach, on a hike or anywhere else you desire.Unlimited fun!
**Free string upgrade.

**UKE Republic includes upgraded strings to Genuine Aquila or LaBella Pro Series**

All Plastic Body/Fretboard/Bridge/Neck/Headstock
Hollow Neck
Chrome Open Geared Tuners
Painted Frets Total 12
Zero Fret
Soprano Scale
Total Body Length 21"
Arched Back
Fixed Saddle ABS Material
Nut ABS Material